Brewster Coming Soon to Nokia X Devices

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Brewster is soon to launch on Nokia X and will be available for the range of Nokia X portfolio such as: Nokia X, Nokia X+, Nokia XL, and the just announced Nokia X2.  You can read Microsoft’s release here.

Brewster is the 1st contacts streaming service that brings together everyone you know from your social networks such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Instagram etc. and syncs directly to your devices’ address book. Your Brewster contacts are always updated by your friends and supercharged with photos, locations, and other great info. By syncing directly to your device’s existing phone contacts, your Brewster contacts are also accessible by all your favorite communication and social apps you use today from your dialer; including mail and social messaging.

Brewster on Nokia

By introducing Brewster on Nokia X devices, it is a great way for us to reach new customers, particularly in emerging markets. Brewster on Nokia X devices is a fantastic way to give users an intelligent means to organize contacts, be more productive, and to experience an awesome way to stay connected with the most important people in their lives.

The average user has over 1,500 contacts – The collaboration with Microsoft enables Brewster to be a better friend to anyone you know, anywhere in the world.

Caitlin’s Brewster Epiphany

Brewster has given me so much insight into working for a consumer driven market. I have had a lot success using  Brewster to help me get adjusted to living in New York, which I am still getting used to. Brewster is great for exploring a new city as it helps you navigate everything and everyone is one place.

There are over 8.2 million people living in NYC, and Brewster lets me surface my friends out of the crowd when and where I need to connect to them. Even when connecting with my friends back home in Florida, Brewster never lets me miss a big life event.

When I have that moment that everyone has when you feel that you are forgetting something but can’t quite remember what it is; I open Brewster, and instantly, I remember it was a good friend’s birthday. Brewster is there to help you manage your relationships whichever kind they may be. It gives me the ability to click and get connected. It is truly a personalized form of technology in its simplest way available.


Caitlin plans a night at Citi Field

Summer is coming to an end and I wanted to do something with summer spirit for my friends before they leave NYC. I had driven past Citi Field on the highway coming into the city from LaGuardia, and wanted to check it out. Everyone goes to baseball games in the summer. It’s America’s favorite pastime.

Brewster is a great resource for discovering unsurfaced interests with your friends. Doesn’t matter how obscure your search is, if you think your friends like it – it’s there.

Once I saw Citi Field, home of the Mets, it clicked that that’s all I needed in my search bar. I typed in “Mets,” and Brewster answered my inquiry by showing all of my contacts that have interest in the Mets, perfect!

From that list, I narrowed down who I actually would love to go to a ball game with and share a packet of Cracker Jacks. Now send a text via Brewster, find a place to meet and play ball!

Caitlin Tries Out iOS7

New Yorkers set the trends in every category: fashion, food, and technology to name a few. To adapt to this continuously changing city, one must see opportunities as they are presented. iOS7 was released to techies a few weeks back for a trial run. When we received the update, a number of my co-workers switched to the new version.

It is amazing how much Brewster is already aligned with the design principles of iOS7. Apple’s flat, minimalistic design features are really exciting to us. We have grown accustomed to the skeuomorphism and ornamentation of modern devices. Current and future users will feel at home using Brewster on the new operating system. The 3D design techniques have been traded for flat planes of color that minimize distractions and create an engaging experience.

This trend is hitting startups everywhere and product design is shifting from complex to simple. It is exciting to see the design trend converge towards Brewster’s already established style.

Caitlin Throws America a Birthday Party


I signed a lease for the month of July in an quiet three bedroom apartment in East Village. This building came with a patio roof top with 360° view overlooking the city. I decided to throw a Fourth of July get-together with my roommates, so our  friends would have a cool place to watch the fireworks.

I opened Brewster to create a guest list and send out a group email.  I also used Brewster to see if my roommates & I had any common connections that I forgot to include on the list.

Brewster is helpful when planning a party because I am able to access all my contacts in one place and reach out to them without having to scatter across multiple surfaces.  It is also great when one is co-hosting a party to determine all mutual friends to invite.

National Championship Game 6

The concrete jungle of the city makes me reminisce about the beautiful beaches of back home. Luckily I get the feeling of home on TNT, when the national championship games were on last week and the wonderful Miami Heat was playing.

I currently do not have cable in my apartment so I have to search for places to go and people to watch it with. Tuesday night was an interesting scenario. As I was getting ready to go out, I  opened Brewster. It proceeded to tell me that I am losing touch with a friend whom I contacted when I first arrived here three weeks ago. Seeing this made me think if that person would be interested in watching the game with me.

Using Brewster helps you keep in touch with contacts who you might not necessarily talk to everyday, but wouldn’t mind seeing the Heat recover from losing to the San Antonio Spurs by making killer comeback during overtime. Best Game of the series.

Caitlin gets caught in the rain

Greetings again followers, it is now my second week in Manhattan and I have two useful things about Brewster to mention to you.  One is location, and two is seeing which friends are nearby. Probably one of my favorite and most desirable features of Brewster is the search by location aspect.

 The weather in this city is unpredictable. It rains, and then it pours, then it’s sunny, and then it rains again.  Getting stuck somewhere you’re unfamiliar with when it’s wet outside is inconvenient to say the least. So while standing under a little bodega crowded with other unfortunate souls caught in the rain…….

 I opened Brewster and searched for friends in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that I could link up with until the weather cleared up. Believing there was a slim to none chance a friend would show up in this neighborhood, Brewster informed me I had three nearby.  Searching friends based on location is extremely beneficial when caught in a rainstorm. Use Brewster and buy rain boots.





Brewster Welcomes Caitlin to New York

Hey I’m Caitlin I am a communications and marketing intern at Brewster.

Within the first 48 hours of moving into the big apple, I found myself adding tons of new contacts, whether it be emailing a friend noting my arrival in the city or meeting new people and gaining phone numbers. Brewster brought together everyone automatically and my new friends contact info is all organized onto one card….and it is so cool to have all my friends photos when they call.

I find it very frustrating when you try to reach out to an old friend and can’t find their email because they switched jobs since the last time you spoke with them. With Brewster this problem is eliminated.  The Brewster contact-sharing functionality allows me and my close friends the ability to always have each other’s complete and up-to-date info.

 I find this extremely helpful since I am an organizational freak and am constantly trying to manage all of my contacts on my iPhone. Brewster combines multiple apps making it just simple and wonderful.

Ways To Use Brewster — Everyday

The average Brewster user knows 1600 people — that is a huge number. At Brewster, we want to make keeping in touch and understanding relationships fun again. From giving you one private place to access everything you know about everyone you know (updated contact info, interests, current location, etc.) to helping you see how your relationships are interconnected, there are a ton of ways to use Brewster everyday to make life simpler. Since we launched, we have heard some great stories about how people are using Brewster on a daily basis to help make life easier — here are a few:

  1. Easily Accessing Updated Contact Info: I wanted to email a friend who had recently changed jobs but couldn’t find the note with the new contact info. Then I realized her email address had already been updated within Brewster without me having to try to hunt down the new information.

  2. Traveling & Seeing Who Is Nearby: I was planning a trip to DC and wanted to see who I could connect with there. I searched by location to see which of my friends live there now and set up a few meetings.

  3. Keeping In Touch: Work had been really busy recently so I checked Losing Touch to see which which of my friends I hadn’t contacted recently and wanted to reach out to.

  4. Building A Guest List & Common Connections: I was planning a get-together with a friend and used Brewster to create a guest list and send out a quick group email. I also used Brewster to make sure we didn’t have any mutual contacts I forgot to invite.

  5. Discovering Common Interests: I recently had tickets to the Knicks game and wasn’t sure who to take, so I did a quick search and found a couple of friends who were huge fans. I also needed to find a great birthday present for my cousin so I looked through his recent interests to see what he was really into right now.

  6. Jogging Your Memory: I met a friend of a friend at a party last year but only remembered his first name. We had emailed a couple of times so I did a quick search of all the people I knew with that first name and easily found his contact info.

  7. Networking More Effectively: I needed to get some professional advice and knew I must have a friend who could help out. I looked through Industry Contacts to see who could help and even found a couple of new people who I could contact in the future.

  8. Staying On Top Of Moves & Life Events: I regularly check updates to see which of my friends got a new job, moved to a new city, etc.; it gives me a great excuse to reach out to people and never miss a big life event. Just last week, I had been meaning to reach out to an old colleague and while skimming Updates, noticed she had just moved to New York for a new job, giving me the perfect opportunity to reach out and reconnect.

  9. Effortlessly Adding New Contacts: It used to be a pain to keep track of new contacts. I always had to remind myself to connect with someone on a social network or add business card info. Now, all the people I recently emailed or connected with are seamlessly added to Brewster and appear in my Updates, making it infinitely easier for me to remember if I want to add notes, schedule meetings or just send a follow-up note.

  10. Enjoying Better Caller ID: I didn’t have the phone number of a college friend (and don’t pick up calls from unknown numbers) but since I synced my Brewster account to my iPhone, an awesome photo of him appeared on caller ID when he reached out.

If you have any stories about how you use Brewster in everyday life, let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

A few tips on syncing contacts to your iPhone

We’re excited to share a great new feature from the major update we released yesterday. Now with a single click, we provide a simple way to sync your Brewster address book to your iPhone contacts, fixing your existing address book — for good.

8 - CardDAV

User benefits
How many times have you needed to email a friend quickly, only to find that they don’t autocomplete in your mail app? Or saved a colleague’s phone number online somewhere, but didn’t have time to add it to your phone’s address book? Or ignored a call from a phone number you don’t recognize, and it turns out to be your cousin? Well, the new version of Brewster is designed to solve these problems.

How it works
When you enable sync, we securely make all the email addresses and phone numbers from your Brewster address book available in your Mail, Messages, and Phone applications. After you’ve completed setup, open the Contacts app on your device, and syncing will automatically begin. Depending on your internet connection, the initial sync could take up to an hour.

Understanding what you see
Your iPhone allows you to see different groups in the Contacts app.


If you have multiple visible groups there may appear to be duplicate contacts. Don’t worry: the sync has not created duplicates, and we haven’t overwritten any contacts in your iPhone address book. We create a separate group for the contacts we add. Each of the contacts we create has every available piece of contact information, a large photo and a link to their Brewster profile, giving you an improved experience in your phone, email, and SMS apps.

You control what you see
If you decide at any point that you only want to see the contacts from your iPhone address book (with any information Brewster added), just go to Contacts > Groups, and make sure you only have your iPhone profile checkmarked. All your Brewster contacts will still be available in autocomplete when you’re composing emails, writing text messages, and making or receiving phone calls. If you decide you want to remove your Brewster profile altogether, go to Settings > General > Profiles and remove the Brewster profile.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!